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Hawthorne Ferry Terminal

Public Transport in Hawthorne can get you all across the city, and south to the Gold Coast. Whether you’re travelling to work, going shopping or out to dinner – public transport Hawthorne can get you to your destination in no time and stress-free. Taking public transport has a lot of perks including that it’s economical, good for the environment and you never have to worry about wanting to have a drink (or a few) with your meal.

Hawthorne is located by Brisbane River and gives you plenty of transport options to choose from including local bus, train and ferry routes to get you safely and in time or where you want to go.

The local bus service for Hawthorne gives you plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re staying within the suburb and surrounding areas or going into the city, there’s a bus route to get you there.

  • Hawthorne bus route: Number 232 which has 66 stops;
  • Bulimba bus route: Number 230 which has 42 stops;
  • Morningside bus route: Number 235 which has 42 stops and Number 220 which has 37 stops;
  • Balmoral bus route: Number 235 which has 42 stops; and
  • Brisbane CBD bus route: choose any from the above including 220, 230, 2232, and 235

To cross the Brisbane River, just get on a ferry for a fast travel option that also gives you the perfect Instagram shot. The Hawthorne Ferry Terminal has two CityCat ferries to choose from including UQ St Lucia Ferry and Northshore Hamilton Ferry. Take route 232 in Hawthorne to get to the ferry terminal and across the river with ease.

If you’re going a further distance, we recommend grabbing a train to get there faster as a more efficient mode of transportation. Take the Brisbane city train from Morningside station by using bus route 232. Train leaving this station include Cleveland and Shorncliffe. Another closeby station is in a neighbouring suburb, Cannon Hill which hosts the Cleveland, Shorncliffe and Manly trains. You can get to Cannon Hill station by using bus route 232.

For a day at the beach and travelling south to the Gold Coast, take bus 232 to Southbank station and then take the Varsity Lakes southbound train. If travelling north, travel into the city again in route 232, but choose Airport train or Brisbane City train depending on your destination.

We love taking the train to the Airport for an easy and carefree way to travel. Grab your suitcase, carry-on and passport for an easy and under an hour route to the airport. Hop on bus route 232 in Bulimba to Southbank Station in CBD and head on Airport train to be at the airport ready for your plane!

Public transport Hawthorne is easy to manage, great for a budget and is convenient for a fast and safe mode of transport. Hop on a bus, train or ferry today to get to your destination in no time with public transport Hawthorne!

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Public Transport Hawthorne