Beautiful Bulimba - A Peninsula On The Bend Of The Brisbane River

History of Bulimba Brisbane

The history of Bulimba started with one family and continues to grow, with thousands of families now enjoying the comforts, convenience and community-based lifestyle that Bulimba has to offer.

Bulimba was originally inhabited by the Yuggara people who have lived in the area for approximately 20,000 years. The name Bulimba originates from a Yugarapul word meaning ‘place of the magpie-lark’ – holding to be true for nearby regions of Bulimba Creek and Bulimba Reach.

When the Bulimba area was settled, it was originally used as farming land and named Toogoolawah in the 1820s – a rich part of history that Lourdes Hill College recognises by naming the area of school closest to the river after Toogoolawah. Bulimba was officially settled by pastoralist/farmer David McConnel in 1849-50. He built his house (now 34 Kenbury Street) –  a two-storey sandstone home designed as a traditional English residence. By the 1880s, suburbs started to develop into a residential area.

After the settlement was established, Bulimba was fast expanding with resources and services opening for residents of the area to enjoy. Some historical openings include Bulimba Brewery in 1882 (now Queensland Brewery Co. Ltd.), vehicular-steam ferry (1886), Newstead horse-tram service (1888) and an open air-cinema (1912-13).

Over the 19th century, buildings and resources were developed in Bulimba that certainly helped to frame the current-day Bulimba as the historically rich suburb that many people love calling home. This includes the cinema (1920’s), police station, City Cat (1996), multiple sport clubs and public library.

Still-existing heritage spots can be found along Oxford Street including the Bulimba Ferry Wharf, Bulimba Memorial (129 Oxford Street), St John the Baptist Anglican Church (171 Oxford Street), and Bulimba State School (261 Oxford Street). Take a look at our Bulimba Heritage Trail article for more.

While Bulimba is undoubtedly a modernised suburb that continues to expand and improve in relation to its amenities, buildings and more, the suburb takes pride in its rich culture that continues to influence the modern-day Bulimba.



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Beautiful Bulimba - A Peninsula On The Bend Of The Brisbane River