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Hawthorne Garage is known by local residents of Hawthorne as a one-stop shop for take-away food, their morning cuppa and to grab some luxury and fresh groceries perfect for the weekend or to make any weeknight special. Hawthorne Garage is open from 6am-8pm seven days a week and has you covered from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, not to mention you’ll always stay hydrated shopping here thanks to DNA Espresso cafe.

Find our new favourite breakfast foods, whether it’s pre-made or ingredients to take home. DNA Espresso is the café that can fix your morning coffee just the way you like it. They serve Woolloomooloo Blend from Toby’s Estate for a delicious coffee you’ll want to treat yourself to on the regular. For a brekky on the go, stop by at the Garage Deli for a breakfast sandwich, fresh fruit, or for a more indulgent treat grab a sweet or savoury baked treat from Jocelyn’s Provisions, Newstead Bakery and Leavain Bakery. Moreover, for food to take home, Hawthorne Garage offers tons of fresh produce in fruits and veg sourced from local farmers perfect for making your fav smoothie, a trendy açai bowl, veg in your omelette or fruit for your cereal.

For lunch and dinner options, you can opt for something fresh and made daily at the Garage Deli for an easy and quick bite to satisfy any food craving. They offer cured meats, speciality cheese, fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps and more.

Hawthorne Garage also delivers big on groceries and fresh produce. They offer local and international produce, fresh fruit and vegetables, and speciality items such as the vegan, organic, gluten-free, and a healthy lifestyle range to suit every customer, palate and cuisine craving.

It’s not hard to find local produce in fruits and veg at Hawthorne Garage. Whether you want fresh fruit for your morning smoothie or in your cereal, to veggies dipped in dips and spreads – or something green to keep your body in motion – Hawthorne Garage has it all.

If you’re looking for something special to give your loved one for a just because gift, the holidays, or a celebration, Hawthorne Garage has a beautiful range of fresh flowers waiting to give someone a smile. The Garage’s flowers are hand selected, wrapped and delivered daily from a florist to the Garage. If you’re after something extra special and unique, they offer custom flower arrangements and gifts too!

For big celebrations and holidays, why not opt for the Garage’s catering services sure to impress your guests and their platters are always a fan favourite. Simply call the Garage to place an order for any social and business event to include your favourite snacks and treats. They also cater to any dietary restrictions which makes this a perfect option for anyone planning a party with people who have special dietary needs.

Hawthorne Garage is a one-stop for everything food related. You’ll love all of the new and delicious finds, recipes to explore and amazing coffee from DNA Espresso and bites to eat from Garage Deli. Stop by today to have dinner taken care of and it’ll be sure to impress your taste buds!

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Hawthorne Garage