Bulimba Heritage Trail

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The Bulimba Heritage Trail is one that can’t be missed. For anyone who lives in Bulimba or is thinking about making a visit – this 45-minute walking trail is a must-see.

Find yourself getting lost in Bulimba history from the past 200 plus years by walking back in time to many major historical sites Bulimba has to offer. This trail has 10 heritage sites you pass by, but many other stops can be made including to Bulimba famous, Oxford Street.

Stop 1:  Bulimba Ferry Terminal, you’ll get to see some scenic riverbend views and a historic ferry building as part of this heritage site. The Bulimba Ferry Terminal was designed by a Brisbane-based architect, GHM Addison in the 1880s and has been well-kept and is a registered site on the Queensland Heritage Register as of 2003.

Stop 2:  The next stop in the Heritage Trail Bulimba is Crouch’s Cottage located between Coutts and Birkalla Streets. This historical site was built in the 1870s and is a traditionally styled home for this era. This working-class home is modest in comparison to some of Bulimba larger and extravagant homes, but this home’s charm is sure to wow you as a picture-worthy moment during your Heritage Trail Bulimba walk.

Afterwards, you’ll pass by three historical amenities of Bulimba: Yellowley’s Newsagency, Bulimba Hotel and Avro Picture Dome.

Stop 3: The Yellowley’s Newsagency building is currently used for a Thai food restaurant but it has a major history behind it starting back in World War I as a newsagency. If you get hungry before reaching Oxford Street, here’s your chance to grab a bite to eat.

Stop 4: The next stop is the unrecognizable Bulimba Hotel which now is a local watering hole Oxford 152.

Stop 6: For any art and music lovers, you’ll love seeing the Avro Picture Dome operating films since the 1920s.

Stop 5: The Bulimba Baptist Church started by holding prayers under a local tree on Birkalla Street, to a full venue thanks to a donation in 1866 from Mr William Thorpe.

Stop 6: The Bulimba Police Station now has a plaque to represent where it once stood. This police station was very important to the area during WWII as it as deemed most vulnerable to Japanese attack and it was in control of keeping local citizens safe by coordinating with air raid wardens, keeping an eye on petrol stations, air raid shelters, the information receiving and dispensing and other war-related activities.

Stop 7: You’ll see one of Queensland’s oldest state government school, Bulimba SS that has been operating since 1866 which is still standing today with trees planted from 1890.

Stop 8: St John’s Baptist Anglican Church was built in 1888 with the aid of land by local resident Elizabeth Coxen.

Stop 9: After a full dose of history from some incredible heritage sites, one of the last stops is Bulimba Memorial Park before ending at the Reservoir House. After WWI, the ‘green heart’ of Bulimba was renamed in 1919 to Bulimba Memorial Park to commemorate the loss of Bulimba loved ones from the war. You’ll also be able to see employment projects from the Great Depression from nearby Stuart St, two ANZAC cottages built by government-funded builders that returned from WWI.

Stop 10: Last stop is Reservoir House, a former house built into a large concrete structure with a reservoir at the top. This innovative structure is worth the climb to see.

Once you’re done, we recommend walking to Oxford Street to check out some local shops and cafés for some delicious food after an insightful and informative walk-in Bulimba Heritage Trail. If you love Bulimba, check out our post about Bulimba’s history.

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